Faoladh/Conroicht “Werewolf”

AUD $ 525.00

I am always happy to undertake bespoke commissions; I will work with you through every aspect of the design process, from your initial ideas to crafting the artwork into your dream copper artwork.


Why not invest in copper artwork that will last more than a lifetime? 

All prices include handling & shipping costs, shipped using priority DHL Express shipping, with SMS & email notifications with all purchases. 

I emailed you the tracking number when your order is shipped for peace of mind. Bubble-wrapped & packaged in sturdy cardboard for transit.

The artwork is 100% handcrafted /  Repoussé with 100% copper.

Beautiful repousse copper artwork  of  “Faoladh/Conroicht “Werewolf” 

This is a traditional Celtic- handcrafted copper, representing a continuation of a long tradition of Celtic arts, which began with my ancient forefathers, “The Ancient Celts”, crafted with Celtic magic in an ancient, honoured tradition

The Irish werewolf is a complex creature; they were often helpful, or at least not as dangerous as their European counterparts. Irish werewolves were considered guardian spirits who protected children, the wounded, the elder & the lost.; There are a couple of tales of werewolves in Ireland. The tale of Werewolves of Ossory, I find, is unfortunate. St. Natalis, a supposed holy man, laid a curse on the people of Clan Allta; here is the tale: St Natalis placed a curse on a clan that transformed their members into werewolves.  

The copper wall art is so beautiful in its simplicity. Handcrafted in pure copper, oxidised to bring out the aged copper patina colours, the effect is warm and understated and would complement any home decor style. This elegant copper art will bring you joy and is perfect for placing in a prominent position on the wall of a living room, entrance, or anywhere. 
. I am trying to keep the art of copper repousse alive. Copper repousse is among the skills that are all but a lost, forgotten art. 
Just as in nature, there will be flaws. I tend to be drawn to the ‘wear,’ finding it infinitely more beautiful and exciting than the flawless perfection of manufactured pieces.

The copper art is 300 x 300 mm; the Frame size is  350 mm x  350 mm.

This copper art is crafted to order; The copper artwork can be crafted in a different size if the client desires 

This copper art is crafted to order; The copper artwork can be crafted in different sizes if the client desires. Please email me for a quote @


These are individually handcrafted copper artworks, not to be confused with cheap, mass-produced manufactured items that are machine-made. Instead, they are handcrafted with Celtic magic by the traditional Irish artisan Tom Hughes’s studio in Bass Hill. 


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