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Celtic Copper Craft Artworks


                                                  Worldwide  Shipping 


I used basic hand tools with primitive techniques, to craft these imperfectly perfect bespoke copper artworks. They are traditional, handcrafted Celtic copper artworks. Representing a continuation of a long tradition of Celtic arts, which began with my ancient forefathers, “The Ancient Celts”, crafted with Celtic magic in an ancient, honoured Tradition…

I work hard to preserve & celebrate the best of Celtic traditions, Arts & cultures. At the core of my custom-tailored crafting is a real dedication to providing each client with exceptional personal professional service.  

                                                                    Handling & Shipping 

All prices include handling & shipping costs, shipped using priority DHL Express shipping, with SMS & email notifications.

Please allow one to three weeks for your copper artwork to be delivered.  

I will email you the tracking number when your order is shipped. Bubble-wrapped & packaged in sturdy cardboard for transit.

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