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Celtic Copper Craft Artworks

Why not invest in copper artwork that will last more than a lifetime? 

My fine art copper sculptures are known & admired the world over. They are a traditional Celtic crafted repousse copper artwork. That represents a continuation of a long tradition of Celtic arts, which began with my ancient forefathers, “The Ancient Celts”, crafted with Celtic magic in an ancient, time-honoured tradition.


These pages display some of the commissioned examples of my artwork. I have crafted over the years for clients. In addition, there are also some examples of copper artworks I have crafted to demonstrate my crafting skills.

Maybe go thru some of the pages of copper artwork and find some ideas from them to help you with your design to be crafted. 

I work hard to preserve & celebrate the best of Celtic traditions, Arts & cultures. At the core of my custom-tailored crafting is a real dedication to providing exceptional personal service to each client. Which I believe helps them to connect to Celtic arts & culture. 

I am always happy to undertake bespoke commissions; I will work with you on your initial ideas, from every aspect of the design process to crafting your copper artwork into reality . I love creating new designs together with my creative clients. Please do not limit yourself to the listing photos of my previous works.

I am open to all reasonable offers! If you don’t like the price, make me an offer! I will consider all reasonable offers.

                                                               Handling & Shipping 

All prices include handling & shipping costs, shipped using priority DHL Express shipping, with SMS & email notifications. 

I will email you the tracking number when your order is shipped. Bubble-wrapped & packaged in sturdy cardboard for transit.

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